Need help laying out your yard?

Cemen Tech can help you maximize the space you have for the most efficient yard set up.

Large Yard With Four Upright Cement Silos

This is a large yard setup with four Cemen Tech upright Silos complete with blending systems to enable mixing cement with fly ash.

Basic Yard With Skid Loader

This yard setup is a basic format with a skid loader and low profile silo.
Basic Yard Setups With Skid Loader
Skid Loader And Silo In A Basic Yard Setups

Remote Yard

Cemen Tech mobile mixers easily become the “batch plant” at remote locations and can even be used to mix and pour into barrel trucks. A portable silo, stone and sand can create a yard set up for large or remote pours where you are away from your regular yard.
Daigle Remote Yard Setup
Remote Yard Setups

Medium Yard With Multiple Trucks

Proper planning of your silo and aggregate piles can make refilling multiple trucks several times a day a breeze.
Medium Size Yard Setups
Medium Yard Setups With Multiple Trucks

Large Yard Overhead Silo Filling

Check out this layout if you use an overhead silo for filling. This Cemen Tech customer has filling their mobile mixers down to nine minutes per unit!
Large Yard Setups
Overhead Silo Filling In A Large Yard Setups