Volumetric Concrete Mixers For Utility Work



Above or below ground, the need for concrete in utility work never ends. And for utility contractors or companies, it’s crucial they have the precise design mix and exact amount for every project. Too little means a schedule delay and more than likely going over the established project budget.

A volumetric concrete mixer has nearly unlimited uses on a utility contractor’s job site. Pour a sewer intake base, a thrust block, or flowable fill without wasting time or money. Getting what you need and when you need it is firmly within your control.

Cemen Tech’s VMMB-certified volumetric mixers are approved for city, municipal, and state projects to meet or exceed applicable DOT standards.

  • Increase productivity and save up to 40 percent on concrete costs.
  • Save time by filling open utility boxes at once, rather than returning later.
  • Grow your bottom line by not paying overages or short load fees.


Specially designed for utility contractors with a need for concrete, flowable fill or specialty concrete, the new Utility Package includes deluxe features such as the ability to fill micro-trenches, pour multiple type of concrete or grout with the same unit, and record and store all production information from the field.

Water main replacement with mobile concrete mixer
Manhole Concrete Pour With Cemen Tech M60 Volumetric Mixer



Pavement Restorations, Inc.

Asphalt Contractor Expands Business Opportunities With Volumetric Mixers

Though Milan, Tennessee-based Pavement Restoration, Inc. (PRI) traces its roots to pothole repair, the company has quickly grown to provide asphalt and concrete services throughout the Volunteer State and several surrounding states. One area of constant jobs is the burgeoning Nashville metro where PRI handles a range of work, from covering utility lines to pouring residential sidewalks — often on the same day with the same mixer.

Bauman Construction

General Contractor Builds Large Volumetric Fleet For Public Works, Parks & Streetscapes

Since 1978 Bauman Landscaping & Construction, a general contractor specializing in public works, has built a long-standing relationship with the City of San Francisco during that time. Owner and president Mike Bauman, along with daughter Angela who helps run the company, spent a few minutes discussing the company and how their growing fleet of C60 Series mobile mixers has continued to cement their standing as a leader in concrete production.

H & H Concrete

H & H Case Study Thumbnail

Growing A Business With Volumetric Mixing

As his business grew, scheduling concrete deliveries for several jobs each day became very difficult for Roger Haverkamp. He knew there had to a better way to take control of his concrete needs. Volumetric mixing was the answer. Today, H&H Concrete On Demand in Fort Worth, Texas, runs 15 volumetric concrete trucks. Read more about how volumetric mixing makes the difference for Roger and his customers.


Cemen Tech C Series Red Text Logo

C Series mixers are the most innovative mobile mixer on the market today. The state-of-the-art electronic control panel, optional GPS system and digital display of yardage poured and materials used provide the most advanced technology available in an operator-friendly machine.

New C60 Unit
Cemen Tech M Series Red Text Logo

M Series mixers bring proven flexibility and stability to the mobile mixer market with over four decades of usage in the field. The M Series meets all DOT standards and can be configured to use multiple admixtures, fiber, dry or liquid color and latex. As the most accurate concrete mixer on the market, the M Series is used in over 50 countries and is the selected unit of choice by the United States Armed Forces.

Cemen Tech M60 10 Yard Unit