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Whether you produce small volume concrete for the ornamental industry or need large volumes of concrete for day-to-day applications, Cemen Tech’s stationary mixers allow precast users to produce an exact amount of concrete. Mix designs are easily changed and configured to meet any requirements. A precast operator never has to worry about reloading material as our mixers continuously load aggregate and cement powder into the unit. Plus, production can start or stop at any time without compromising the final concrete strength.

Cemen Tech concrete mixers let you produce concrete when you need it. No coordinating pours, no waiting for trucks, no more putting profits in the hands of a third party. Take control of your concrete at nearly half the cost of ready mix.

  • An exact design mix and quantity eliminates overages, shortages, and/or waiting on a third party for delivery.
  • Maximize uptime by managing your own schedule and eliminating delays or rejected loads.
  • Versatile, flexible, and durable concrete with maximum strength for every type of precast.
  • Reduce concrete costs by nearly half when compared to traditional ready mix.
Precast Stationary Cemen Tech Unit
Precast Staionary Cemen Tech Unit 2-50 Pouring Funeral Coffins
Precast Stationary Cemen Tech Unit



Rock Solid Precast

Rock Solid Precast Case Study Thumbnail

Volumetric Mixing Leads To “Rock Solid” Success

Business owner Michael Bednar, Sr. and his son Michael Bednar, Jr. of Rock Solid Precast (formerly Precast of Houston) work hard to meet the growing demand for a variety of precast products for the storm and wastewater industry. Luckily, they have another “workhorse” on their team — Cemen Tech. Between filling orders, they took some time to fill us in on the tremendous growth of their operation.

Aztec Rental Services

Aztec Equipment Rental Case Study Thumbnail

Rental Company Expands Business With Concrete Sales

Drive by Aztec Rental Services in Houston, Texas, on any given Saturday morning and chances are you’ll find a row of vehicles lined up to receive Freshly mixed concrete for weekend projects. According to Aztec Vice President Martin Bolt, Sr., the concrete trailer haul business was one of the first expansions the company made beyond traditional rentals. Based on the demand for short load concrete, it is a service Aztec will continue to offer.

Whitley’s Concrete Products

Whitley's Concrete Products Case Study Thumbnail

Volumetric Mixing Helps Texas Precaster Meet Growing Demand For Septic Tanks

Every day, a stream of trucks heads out of Whitley’s Concrete Products in Conroe, Texas, loaded with concrete tanks for the wastewater industry. Kathy Schwartzrock, manager, explains how having the right equipment allows the company to keep up


Cemen Tech C Series Red Text Logo

C Series mixers are the most innovative mobile mixer on the market today. The state-of-the-art electronic control panel, optional GPS system and digital display of yardage poured and materials used provide the most advanced technology available in an operator-friendly machine.

New C60 Unit
Cemen Tech M Series Red Text Logo

M Series mixers bring proven flexibility and stability to the mobile mixer market with over four decades of usage in the field. The M Series meets all DOT standards and can be configured to use multiple admixtures, fiber, dry or liquid color and latex. As the most accurate concrete mixer on the market, the M Series is used in over 50 countries and is the selected unit of choice by the United States Armed Forces.

Cemen Tech M60 10 Yard Unit
Cemen Tech SCD Series Logo

Cemen Tech stationary mixers utilize our volumetric technology to produce just the concrete mixture you need every time while eliminating overages and shortages. The flexibility and stability our stationary mixer brings to the market with nearly 50 years experience in the field just cannot be beat by any competitor. Every Cemen Tech solution comes with a Performance Guarantee. We stand by our products, customers and support our equipment better than anyone else in the industry.

Cemen Tech SCD Stationary Unit