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We Are Building A Foundation For A Better World

Cemen Tech promises our customers the world’s highest quality concrete with our concrete production solutions. Our equipment plays a pivotal role in the building of the future for a better world.

Cemen Tech is the world’s largest manufacturer of volumetric proportioning and continuous concrete mixing solutions. Our mission is to develop the most innovative and advanced concrete production solutions based on our cutting-edge technology, customizable products, and superior support. A 100 percent employee-owned company and a global brand for cost-effective, on-demand concrete solutions, we strive for excellence in all facets of engineering, technology, and support.

Manufacturing The Highest Quality Concrete Mixer

For 50 years we’ve delivered on the promise to help build the foundation for a better world. To support our innovative concrete solutions, we provide reliability and quality to customers, governments, and military in more than 60 countries to support their efforts in meeting the needs of a changing world.

We believe every community should have the infrastructure to access clean water, transport goods and services, and reliable housing; our concrete production solutions provide the foundation for those needs. As increasing global regulations address growing environmental concerns, Cemen Tech makes a conscious, proactive effort to reduce our footprint. Every one of our volumetric mixers uses less water, produces less waste, and lower emissions.

Moving Forward

From the beginning, everything Cemen Tech has accomplished centers on building durable, long-lasting volumetric concrete mixers and forming enduring relationships with each customer. As new technology continues to transform the volumetric industry, we continue to empower our employees and customers to succeed. Our everlasting commitment to our Core Values has positioned us to carry this success for another 50 years and beyond.