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We build our mobile mixers to handle the wet and dry processes used in producing materials for high strength, low permeability, and durable gunite and shotcrete. Because the design of each unit hinges on volumetric technology, material measurement is precise, saving time and money.

A major advantage that Cemen Tech volumetric mixers have over conventional mixers is the ability to reduce mix slump on demand. Our mixer technology measures, mixes, then immediately discharges so operators can change the slump with a simple flow valve adjustment. All gunite and shotcrete is fresh with maximum in-place strength.

  • Reduce your backlog with volumetric technology.
  • Reduce slump on-demand or as the project changes.
  • Shotcrete or gunite or standard concrete – one unit does it all!
  • Increase employee productivity while decreasing overall costs.
Gunite Shotcrete Cemen Tech Making a Pool
shooting gunite for concrete wall
Shotcrete Gunite Repair Work With Cemen Tech Mobile Mixer



South Shore Gunite

South Shore Gunite Case Study Thumbnail

Using A Cemen Tech Gunite Mixer For Pools

South Shore Gunite, based out of Massachusetts, performs all of their own work including the shotcrete work which is why they have a Cemen Tech batch plant. They average 50-70 yards through their Cemen Tech, and have produced as much as 120 yards in an 8 hour shift.

“With a Cemen Tech, we can just stop and start whenever we want, and we can go as fast as we want.”

H & H Concrete

H & H Case Study Thumbnail

Growing A Business With Volumetric Mixing

As his pool business grew and become more productive using volumetric mixers, Roger Haverkamp had other contractors asking him to deliver concrete to them. Today, H&H Concrete On Demand in Fort Worth, Texas, runs over 20 volumetric concrete trucks and provides concrete for many types of jobs from utility to road repair. Read more about how volumetric mixing makes the difference for Roger and his customers.