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The Technical Support Solution

Video calls aren’t just for socializing.

Can you put a price on downtime? It’s something any business doesn’t want to do. That’s where Cemen Tech CONNECT comes in. One video call to our experienced service technicians is often an encompassing call. From guiding you through a repair to sharing parts information in real-time, CONNECT reduces downtime.

Valuable. Practical. Essential. Convenient.

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  • Part Identification: Confirm you and a Cemen Tech service technician are viewing the right part with live video.
  • Technical Field Support: This technology take a common device and turns it into a set of remote eyes and hands.
  • Limit Downtime: With a short turnaround time for assistance, your unit is repaired and operational quickly, minimizing downtime.
  • Virtual Demos: With remote access, it’s possible to receive a demonstration or quick training recap.
  • Remote Estimating: Receive estimates for repairs and rebuilds during the service call.
  • Free Application: CONNECT is a no-cost service for Cemen Tech customers.


  • Web-based Platform: Don’t worry about installing additional hardware or software — we’ll even handle software upgrades!
  • Video Calling: Show a Cemen Tech service technician exactly what you’re seeing and remove misunderstandings and miscommunication.
  • Two-Way Screen Annotation: Use an on-screen pointer, write a note, or circle an area in question without leaving the live, two-way call.
  • Content Sharing: Parts manuals, photos, websites, and more can be shared and discussed by an expert during the video call.
  • Multi-party Calling: Collaborate with other service technicians during a call for in-depth resolution.