Mobile Mixers For Infrastructure



Around the globe, cities and countries use Cemen Tech mixers to build and repair the infrastructure that allows them to prosper. From bridges and roads to sewers and tunnels, our concrete production solutions provide the high-quality concrete and overall reliability needed every day. Volumetric concrete production enables quick road repair, access to remote project locations, and project completion on time and on budget.

Opening a batch plant for night pour jobs isn’t necessary – the mixer is your mobile batch plant! Instead of waiting for delivery, then finding the mix design isn’t appropriate, you’ll have fresh concrete with the exact mix design every time. Concrete produced with our mixers consistently has higher breaking strengths than ready-mix concrete. Plus, Cemen Tech’s proprietary technology lets you change mix designs at any time and still pour the exact amount needed. This eliminates overages, shortages, and short load fees which saves time and money.

Our concrete industry experts wholly believe in having your equipment running quickly. Yet, our role doesn’t end after start-up but extends to ongoing support throughout the equipment lifespan. Going above and beyond expectation is how Cemen Tech enables our customers to provide the world’s best concrete one cubic yard at a time.

The benefits of using a mobile concrete mixer for infrastructure projects include:

  • Produce the exact design mix and quantity every time – no overages or shortages.
  • Save time and money by moving from one job to the next without returning to the batch plant.
  • Mix concrete on your schedule – no more waiting on ready-mix trucks or receiving hot loads.
  • Take control of your concrete production at nearly half the cost of ready mix.
Fast Setting Concrete Pour in the northeast United States with Cemen Tech Volumetric Mixer
road panel finish
Bridge Deck Overlay Pour Creation

Has paid for itself in six months or less. A consistent mix that let us improve productivity ten-fold doing 6,000 to 6,500 psi that let’s us strip daily.

William Gill



RJ Daigle & Sons

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Asphalt Business Expands With Volumetric Mixing

Over the last 40 years, RJ Daigle and Sons have grown into a leading highway construction and site development contractor in South Louisiana. Volumetric concrete mixers fit right in with their asphalt business and today RJ Daigle and Sons in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, runs multiple Cemen Tech C60 mixers.


Cemen Tech C Series Red Text Logo

C Series mixers are the most innovative mobile mixer on the market today. The state-of-the-art electronic control panel, optional GPS system and digital display of yardage poured and materials used provide the most advanced technology available in an operator-friendly machine.

New C60 Unit
Cemen Tech M Series Red Text Logo

M Series mixers bring proven flexibility and stability to the mobile mixer market with over four decades of usage in the field. The M Series meets all DOT standards and can be configured to use multiple admixtures, fiber, dry or liquid color and latex. As the most accurate concrete mixer on the market, the M Series is used in over 50 countries and is the selected unit of choice by the United States Armed Forces.

Cemen Tech M60 10 Yard Unit