Concrete mixed on-site is made to exact specifications every time, producing a superior quality product.

Fresh Is Better

Why is fresh concrete mixed at the job site a superior product? Mobile concrete mixers are a portable batch plant, measuring and mixing to a precise admixture. Because there’s no need to add water to a transported mix, you earn maximum finishing time at the job site.

Why Mixing Concrete On Site Is Better

We all know the basics of making concrete – inert materials or aggregates, cement, and water mix together to create concrete. Yet, the chemical reactions between water and cement compounds begin immediately after mixing the ingredients.

When mixed at the batch plant, the concrete materials have already started the curing process during the travel time. This minimizes available finishing time and, in many cases, if a truck is detained or late, water needs to be added at the job site, reducing the end product’s strength.

Concrete produced by a mobile volumetric concrete mixer will always produce the freshest and strongest end product for every job.

5 Benefits Of Using Fresh Concrete

  1. Measure and mix on site: By making concrete at the job site, the water-cement ratio is always exact.
  2. Change the design mix on-site as needed: No need to wait or waste material.
  3. Cost-effective: Customers save money as they only pay for what’s used, eliminating overage and shortage charges.
  4. More admixture flexibility: While standard mixes comparable to ready-mix are exact and precise, you can offer a wide range of applications.
  5. Any size of job can be fresh: Volumetric concrete mixers can provide on-demand product for jobs from 2 yards to 400 yards per day.