Cemen Tech concrete production solutions utilize our volumetric technology which means each pour is the precise mix design and amount, when and where you need it. Mixing with a volumetric concrete truck is less costly, more time efficient, more versatile, and provides a better return on investment when compared with traditional drum mixing. Volumetric mixing means less waste, more flexibility, and total control of your concrete.

Material Storage

(1) Sand and stone bins. (2) Cement is stored in a watertight bin. (3) Water provided in an auxiliary tank. (4) Admixture tanks are integrated into the system

Concrete Production

Operator selects the correct mix design and  (5) sand and stone gates adjust to position, admixture and water rates are set. (6) Press button to start operation. (7) Sand and stone exits bins, pass under “strike off gates” then pass under the cement bin and fall into the mixing auger. (8) Cement bin meters the correct amount of cement into the mix. (9) All materials simultaneously enter the continuous mixer. (10) The homogeneous concrete mixture is carried to discharge chute.

Association Volumetric Mixing Specifications

These briefs include information about the basic design and operation of equipment for concrete production by volumetric measurement and continuous mixing. Definitions, quality assurance, and applications about volumetric mixing are discussed.

A fee may be required to download the full brief provided by the associations below. If you would like to discuss what is in the brief before purchasing please Contact Us or call (800) 247-2464.