Cemen Tech’s breakthrough volumetric technology is how concrete should be produced – a batch plant and mixer in one unit. How volumetric concrete mixing works; Our mixers batch, measure, mix and dispense all from one unit. Every time you have the precise design mix and quantity needed.

Take control of your concrete and produce fresh, high-strength concrete anytime and anywhere you need it. Our mobile and stationary mixers let you choose what fits your needs and are used for a variety of applications in more than 60 countries. Cemen Tech enables our customers to produce the world’s best concrete one cubic yard at a time.

Association Volumetric Mixing Specifications

These briefs include information about the basic design and operation of equipment for concrete production by volumetric measurement and continuous mixing. Definitions, quality assurance, and applications about volumetric mixing are discussed.

A fee may be required to download the full brief provided by the associations below. If you would like to discuss what is in the brief before purchasing please Contact Us or call (800) 247-2464.

Cemen Tech How Volumetric Mixing Works Page One
Cemen Tech How Volumetric Mixing Works Page Two
How Cemen Tech volumetric process works.