Volumetric Mixers For Municipalities

city of ballwin sidewalk repair with cemen tech volumetric mixer
Town of Cary Curb and Gutter Repair
Water main replacement with mobile concrete mixer



Municipalities serving more than 10,000 people are always looking for ways to save time and money without sacrificing quality. Cemen Tech volumetric mixers allow cities across the globe to glean these benefits and more through fresh concrete production.

Each unit meets or exceeds all specifications for municipal projects frequently needing fast, reliable, and maximum strength concrete, such as:

  • Curbs;
  • Sidewalks;
  • Highways;
  • Street repair; and
  • Trench fill.

Each one of our units produces fresh concrete in minutes which consistently has higher breaks than ready mix concrete. Backed by ongoing training, support, and troubleshooting from Cemen Tech’s concrete industry experts, we make sure you’re able to run as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of using mobile concrete mixers for your municipal projects include:

  • No exorbitant service fees for an after-hours or emergency pour. The mobile mixer is a batch plant allowing you to pour any time of day – or night – without incurring extra fees.
  • No lost employee productivity waiting for a concrete delivery – you control the schedule.
  • Exact measurements for every job reduce material costs and eliminates overages and shortages.
  • No quality deterioration for small pours or rejected ready mix loads.

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  • City of Phoenix, AZ
  • City of Corona, CA
  • City of Los Angeles, CA
  • Dodge County, CO
  • City of Gunnison, CO
  • Florida DOT, FL
  • City of Jacksonville, FL
  • Leon County, FL
  • Orange County Public Works, FL
  • City of Safety Harbor, FL
  • Seminole County, FL
  • City of Des Moines, IA
  • City of Indianola, IA
  • City of Baton Rouge, LA
  • Michigan DOT, MI
  • City of St. Louis, MO
  • Missouri DOT, MO
  • St. Louis County, MO
  • City of Lincoln, NE
  • City of Dayton, OH
  • City of Portland, OR
  • City of Philadelphia Housing, PA
  • Amarillo, Utility, TX
  • City of Baytown, TX
  • City of Dallas, TX
  • City of Fort Worth, TX
  • City of Grapevine, TX
  • City of Lubbock, TX
  • City of Midland, TX
  • City of University Park, TX
  • City of Victoria, TX
  • City of Waco, TX
  • San Antonio Water Association, TX
  • State of Texas

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C Series mixers are the most innovative mobile mixer on the market today. The state-of-the-art electronic control panel, optional GPS system and digital display of yardage poured and materials used provide the most advanced technology available in an operator-friendly machine.

New C60 Unit
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M Series mixers bring proven flexibility and stability to the mobile mixer market with over four decades of usage in the field. The M Series meets all DOT standards and can be configured to use multiple admixtures, fiber, dry or liquid color and latex. As the most accurate concrete mixer on the market, the M Series is used in over 50 countries and is the selected unit of choice by the United States Armed Forces.

Cemen Tech M60 10 Yard Unit