Mobile Concrete Mixers For Paving



Whether you’re pouring a curb with a slipform paving machine or hand finishing, a volumetric concrete mixer is the perfect partner for curb and gutter contractors. By mixing all concrete on site, you can start and stop the flow as needed. This minimizes downtime and work stoppages for any road curb design or other paving projects.

All Cemen Tech mobile concrete mixers are VMMB certified and have been approved for city, state, and municipal projects to meet or exceed applicable DOT standards. To learn more, read this white paper comparing volumetric mixers and drum trucks: Comparative Testing – Volumetric vs Drum Truck

Along with saving up to 40 percent on related concrete costs, using a Cemen Tech mobile mixer lets you:

  • Stop the short load fees, having too much concrete, or not ordering enough.
  • Stop paying for concrete overages or ordering more than you need.
  • Stop wasting time and money waiting on ready mix.
  • Stop paying for hot loads.
Curb Repair Paving with Cemen Tech Mobile Mixer
Cemen Tech M Series Mobile Mixer Pouring Into A Power Curber Mobile Batch Plant
Cemen Tech M Series Pouring Flatwork and Concrete Slabs

The concrete is good everyday. We don’t have any problems. The trucks are consistent.

R.J. Daigle & Songs, Baton Rouge, LA



G & T Paving

Paving Contractor Doubles Production Time With Volumetric Mixers

When Robert Gonzales, the owner of G&T Paving in Brownsville, Texas, watched a different company pour a job with a volumetric concrete mixer, he was immediately intrigued. Then, after spending a significant amount of time watching videos and reading all he could about the mixers, Gonzales contacted Cemen Tech. The result was streamlining day-to-day jobs for projects throughout the City of Brownsville and doubling production in less than one year.

RJ Daigle & Sons

RJ Daigle Case Study Thumbnail

Asphalt Business Expands With Volumetric Mixing

Over the last 40 years, RJ Daigle and Sons have grown into a leading highway construction and site development contractor in South Louisiana. Volumetric concrete mixers fit right in with their asphalt business and today RJ Daigle and Sons in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, runs multiple Cemen Tech C60 mixers. Read more from Nick Daigle about how volumetric mixing made a great addition to his family’s asphalt business.


Cemen Tech C Series Red Text Logo

C Series mixers are the most innovative mobile mixer on the market today. The state-of-the-art electronic control panel, optional GPS system and digital display of yardage poured and materials used provide the most advanced technology available in an operator-friendly machine.

New C60 Unit
Cemen Tech M Series Red Text Logo

M Series mixers bring proven flexibility and stability to the mobile mixer market with over four decades of usage in the field. The M Series meets all DOT standards and can be configured to use multiple admixtures, fiber, dry or liquid color and latex. As the most accurate concrete mixer on the market, the M Series is used in over 50 countries and is the selected unit of choice by the United States Armed Forces.

Cemen Tech M60 10 Yard Unit