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New Construction

Cemen Tech mobile mixers provide high-strength concrete vital for underground construction projects. Our volumetric technology lets you batch, measure, mix and pour the right design mix and quantity from a Cemen Tech mixer at the job site.

Handle multiple jobs with different design mixes without returning to the plant to maximize uptime and save money. No more worrying about hot loads and eliminate overages and shortages with accurate design mix and measurement.

Our team of concrete industry experts understands the critical underground construction issues you face and provide ongoing support, training, and troubleshooting. Cemen Tech enables our customers to provide the world’s best concrete one cubic yard at a time.

  • An optional C Series GPS feature tracks mixer location, jobs, and exact amount poured for detailed recordkeeping.
  • Remote or hard to reach locations aren’t an issue with a versatile mobile mixer.
  • Produce fresh, maximum strength concrete for every pour – no wait, no waste.
  • Take control of your concrete needs at nearly half the cost of ready mix.

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