Mix and Proportion

Bulk Storage Silos

Materials Handling

Cemen Tech is the industry leader in providing alkaline stabilization systems for the treatment of wastewater biosolids. Cemen Tech has systems that let you manufacture Class A or Class B biosolids at a rate of 1 to 80 tons per hour. Our systems receive, store, deliver, proportion, and mix alkaline and mineral materials with organic byproducts to your specifications.

Our Continuous Soils Processor (CSP) proportions alkaline and mineral byproducts with wastewater biosolids. It’s ideal for blending dewatered wastewater biosolids or manures with additives such as: 

  • Lime, 
  • Fly ash, 
  • Incinerator ash, 
  • Limekiln dust, 
  • Cement kiln dust, 
  • Wood chips, 
  • Sawdust, and 
  • Soil.

The CSP has gained popularity in energy projects which require the blending and mixing of biomass materials for waste. The thorough mixing capability provides an even homogeneous blend of materials, making it easy for densification into pellets or to utilize the materials as loose fluff feedstock.

  • Manufacture Class A or B biosolids.
  • Bulk upright or low profile silos also available for your storage needs.
  • Mixing and proportioning equipment in one unit.
  • Eliminate overages and shortages with precise materials measurement and mixing.

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