New Road Construction

No Access To Concrete

Remote Access

Stay on schedule and under budget when you’re far from a batch plant with Cemen Tech mobile concrete mixers for remote projects. Our units are a batch plant and mixer in one so you can batch, measure, mix and pour without changing equipment. Your team can even adjust the design mix without going back to the plant.

Save time, money, and maximize uptime with our concrete production solutions. Mix the concrete you want where it’s needed, no waiting for ready mix trucks or rejecting a “hot” load because it took too long to arrive on site. Our team of concrete industry experts help with equipment startup and provide ongoing support, training, and troubleshooting.

Cemen Tech is the smarter, more flexible, and profitable choice for on-demand maximum strength concrete. We enable our customers to provide the world’s best concrete one cubic yard at a time.

  • Produce the exact design mix and quantity every time – eliminate overages and shortages.
  • Batch plant and mixer in one unit – batch, measure, mix and pour.
  • No location is too remote or far for fresh maximum strength concrete.
  • Take control of your concrete at nearly half the cost.

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