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Underground Mining

Demanding environments, such as mining, require durable and reliable products no matter where you are. Cemen Tech concrete production solutions enable concrete when and where you need it. With our volumetric technology you have the exact design mix and quantity on the spot — no waiting or ending up with a “hot” load.

Our units produce fresh concrete with consistently higher breaking strengths than ready mix. A mobile concrete mixer is supported by concrete industry experts with ongoing training, support, and troubleshooting for efficient operation. Take control of your concrete needs by scheduling pours when needed, including for jobs in remote or hard-to-reach locations. We strive to enable our customers to produce the world’s best concrete one cubic yard at a time.

  • No wait, no waste — control the design mix and quantity with every pour.
  • Move from one job to the next without having to return to the plant.
  • Mix concrete any time — no after-hours or emergency fees.
  • More environmentally-friendly — precise quantity, reduced carbon footprint.

Recommended Solution for Mining Applications

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