Airfield Damage Repair

Transportable Anywhere

Create Remote Infrastructure

Cemen Tech military concrete mixers provide global on-demand, high-quality concrete solutions when and where they’re needed. With fresh concrete at every pour, our solutions are an ideal fit for rapid-setting concrete on time-sensitive projects, remote locations, or extreme temperatures. Military concrete mixers allow you to choose a trailer-mounted option to streamline the use of a mobile concrete mixer anywhere in the world.

Our military concrete mixers quickly and accurately measure, mix, and discharge better than any other mixer on the market. A Cemen Tech concrete production solution suits the needs of highways, airport runways, repairs, and many other projects. We’re the flexible, durable, and versatile concrete choice over conventional ready mix methods. Our team helps with startup and provides ongoing support, training, and troubleshooting for increased efficiency.

  • Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy can choose a trailer-mounted option to quickly deploy anywhere.
  • Quickly manufacture concrete in most extreme temperature and remote locations around the globe.
  • Cemen Tech support and service experts are at the ready whenever you need assistance.
  • Batch plant and mixer in one unit – no wait, no waste.

Recommended Solution for Military Applications

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