Cemen Tech concrete production solutions put you in control for any type of concrete application at nearly half the cost.

Our mobile and stationary mixers provide the flexibility needed for commercial and industrial pours; to rebuild infrastructure; for retail ready mix; shotcrete and gunite production; rapid set; latex modified concrete; or underground construction jobs. Looking for a solution to your custom mixing needs? Custom products are also available to mix anything from iron ore to nuclear waste.

Cemen Tech Advantages

  • Batch, measure, mix and dispense from one unit.
  • A variety of mobile and stationary mixers options to fit your needs.
  • Make quick and efficient changes to mix designs – no wasted time or materials.
  • Our volumetric technology means separate material storage, precise mix, and immediate discharge for a fresh mix on each pour.
  • Transition from one job to the next without needing to return to the plant to change mix designs.
  • Produce an accurate and consistent design mix every time.
  • Volumetric concrete production is nearly half the cost of ready mix.
  • End overages and shortages by producing the exact amount needed for the job every time.
  • Quality, high strength concrete is always available thus eliminating “hot” loads.
  • Mix concrete during off-hours or in an emergency giving you schedule control and saving money.
  • More environmentally friendly – less waste, less carbon, less water.