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Cemen Tech Advantages

  • Batch, measure, mix and dispense from one unit.
  • A variety of mobile and stationary mixers options to fit your needs.
  • Change mix designs quickly and efficiently – no wasted time or materials.
  • Our volumetric technology means separate materials storage, precise mix and immediate discharge ensures a fresh mix on each pour.
  • Easily transition from one job to the next without needing to return to the plant to change mix designs.
  • Consistently and accurately produce the exact design mix every time.
  • Volumetric concrete production is nearly half the cost of ready mix.
  • Eliminate overages and shortages by producing the exact amount needed for the job every time.
  • Quality, high strength concrete is always available thus eliminating “hot” loads.
  • Concrete can be conveniently mixed during off-hours or in an emergency giving you schedule control and saving money.
  • More environmentally friendly – less waste, less carbon, less water.