Are you tasked with finding the best equipment solutions for your organization? Unfortunately, having the time and resources to sift through a mountain of Requests For Proposals (RFPs) isn’t always realistic.
Cooperative contracts help federal, state and city institutions, and nonprofits surpass the RFP process by offering a simplified process. They also guarantee you receive the best price and flexibility to choose an equipment provider.

What Is Sourcewell?

Sourcewell is a government agency with access to national contract volume pricing and value from nationally acclaimed vendors. This access provides organizations and approved entities with high-quality solutions for projects requiring concrete while complying with legal and budget requirements.

How Can Sourcewell Help Me?

Along with being the most competitive solicitation process, Sourcewell contract solicitations give you access to best-in-class solutions. With a Sourcewell contract, your concrete solution is customizable to meet organizational requirements. Cemen Tech volumetric concrete mixers were awarded a Sourcewell contract in May 2017 and are the only volumetric available for purchase through this cooperative.

Benefits Of Using Sourcewell For Cooperative Purchasing

To participate in Sourcewell and its contracts and services, you must become a member. Memberships are no cost, no obligation, and no liability with no minimum contract purchasing requirements or commitments. Several membership benefits include:

  • Aggressive and competitive pricing;
  • Substantial time and cost savings;
  • Satisfying competitive solicitation requirement;
  • Completion of the contract process on your behalf – contract #052417-CMT;
  • Flexibility to choose equipment, products, and services; and
  • Exceptional product and equipment selection from industry-leading and nationally acclaimed vendors.

Check to see if your organization is already a member of Sourcewell.