1970s: Firsts Become Standard

Founded in 1969 by Hugh and Eileen Tobler, Cemen Tech began as a marketing company with the goal of selling Concrete Mobile by the Irl Daffin Company. This was the original, and at the time only, mobile concrete mixer. The concept was simple — hold materials necessary to produce concrete separately, measure by volume, and mix the materials on-site as needed.

The company moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota to its current location, Indianola, Iowa, in 1975 after expanding to a manufacturing focus. Once in the Iowa facility, the increased space allowed Cemen Tech to rebuild used mixers and to support a growing parts business. The rebuild program completed 30 units during 1976, the first year of the program, laying the groundwork for Cemen Tech’s next decade.

1980s: Innovation Begins

Toward the end of the 1970s, Cemen Tech began experimenting with what has now become its specialty — volumetric mixer production. The company first produced stationary units. The first was delivered to a customer in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1980. Two years later, the first mobile mixer was released.

Innovation continued when dual auger cement metering was added to the mixers in the mid-1980s. Because of its designed accuracy, there have only been minor changes to the system since its introduction.

Another key moment came in 1989 when the company became an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The transition to wholly employee owned completed in 1994 when Cemen Tech purchased the remaining stock held by outside stockholders and became 100 percent employee-owned.

1990s: Diversification & Expansion

The product lines began to change and evolve as Cemen Tech used its technological background with augers to develop a method of waste treatment. This resulted in the formation of Alka-Tech which provided systems for wastewater biosolids treatment. In 1997, Cemen Tech and Oshkosh Truck Corporation were awarded a five-year contract to develop and produce the Rapid Deployment Concrete Dispenser (RDCD). This was a replacement for fleet of Concrete Mobiles U.S. Army purchased in the 1970s. The RDCD is a self-contained mixer built on the concept of Oshkosh’s Palletized Load System that can be deployed as either a stationary or truck-mounted mobile mixer.

Reception of Cemen Tech’s products grew throughout the United States and globally. Today, we operate in more than 60 countries and provide equipment to the military branches of several countries.

2000s – 2020s: Our Technology Revolution

Automation, cloud-based, and mobile-first. These areas have fueled our technology revolution since the early 2000s. First was the development and introduction of the pump master auger which affected the entire volumetric mixer industry. The new decade brought a restructured company and new technology, namely the debut of the first fully automated mobile mixer, the C Series, in 2015. Continuing the innovation and diversification of previous decades, Cemen Tech launched ACCU-POUR™, a productivity solution for the volumetric industry, and Cemen Tech Momentum, a focused marketing agency for concrete producers, in 2019.

The Cemen Tech Difference continues to add multiple critical customer facing technologies and programs to guarantee your success in concrete – Cemen Tech CONNECT, remote live video support; 24 Hour Parts, decrease downtime when you get the right part fast; Performance Guarantee, we stand behind our equipment every day to ensure your success; Local Dealer Support, our growing North American network support customers for sales, service and parts. Learn more about The Cemen Tech Difference or contact us today.

Cemen Tech continues to innovate and push our industry to further expand while manufacturing volumetric concrete mixers that produce high quality concrete for every type of job.