A volumetric mixer is a mobile concrete mixer – flexible, versatile, and ready to go whenever needed on a job site. Quickly and easily set up concrete production and start pouring within an hour. No waste, no wait, and the exact design mix every time.

Mobile Concrete Mixer

Every concrete mobile mixer is designed for maximum performance, producing the highest quality concrete every time. A productive and cost-effective solution for any contractor, ready mix, or concrete delivery business.

  • Easy setup – drive to the location and you’re ready to go!
  • Change the design mix on site as needed – no wait or wasted material.
  • No licensing  – replace the “transportable batch plant” and starting pouring in an hour.
  • Move the plant around on site –  drive directly to the pour area.
  • Fast clean out – separate materials storage on the unit means a quick clean out.
  • No space limitations – use on any size job, even remote or hard to get to sites.
  • Economical and reliable solution – no wasted materials or employee downtime saves money on every pour.
  • Job size doesn’t matter – produce 20 yards or 400 yards a day with the same mixer.
  • Easy to operate – the driver and mixer operator can be the same person.
  • No foundation/frame or infrastructure set up required – move whenever needed.
  • Fill drum trucks quickly – fill your barrel trucks fast and efficiently with fresh concrete on a job site with a volumetric mixer.
Mobile Batch Plant