Here’s The Downside. (What It Takes To Produce Your Own Concrete.)

Right now you pick up the phone and your concrete supplier shows up with concrete. Hopefully when you want and with the quality of concrete you want. The problem is that they charge you a lot of money for that convenience.

The good news is that since, until now, everyone was conditioned to just take for granted that giving them a lot of money for something really easy to do yourself made sense, there are very few ways you can make more money for less work and hassle than producing the concrete you need yourself with a Cemen Tech mixer. All it takes is a Cemen Tech mixer, a dry place to put cement, aggregate, water, and somebody who can run and maintain your equipment. That’s not nothing. But that’s also all there is to it.

The fact is that since the goal of business is to make money, there really isn’t a downside. Producing your own concrete with a simple to use Cemen Tech concrete mixer has been done by thousands of people before you for dozens of years now. Our equipment is easy to run. But we still provide several ways to train whoever you want trained to run it.  It is also easy to maintain. Again, we have the support, parts, and educational resources to make it all seamless and easy for you.  You could literally go on vacation, let us train your crew, and return to your crew placing perfect concrete for one-third of the cost every time.

In fact, if you aren’t 100 percent convinced, you can talk to any of people, current customers, or somebody exactly like you who has already started saving big on concrete costs by producing it themselves.

Ask and we’ll make it happen.  Fill out this form today to find out more about how a Cemen Tech solution can change your bottom line.