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Produce Concrete On-Demand With A Mobile Concrete Mixer

A mobile concrete mixer, or mobile concrete dispenser, is an on-demand concrete production solution. It’s a batch plant mounted on a chassis – usually a truck or trailer – and carries unmixed material to a job site. The materials, such as sand, cement, coarse aggregates, water, and any other materials or chemicals needed for specialty applications, mix on a continuous or intermittent basis as required for fresh concrete.

This mixer can produce any amount of concrete, from a yard to 400 yards or more per day. Continuous pouring is possible as long as the unit is re-loaded with materials at the job site. Volumetric proportioning bases on volume, not weight. Through an easy calibration process it’s possible to produce concrete that consistently meets or exceeds the tolerances set in ASTM C685 and AASHTO M-241 standards along with DOT requirements. You have the exact amount needed every time.

The blending of materials is a continuous process, and the operator can stop mixing and delivery and start again at any time. This allows production to balance the demands of finishing and placing crews or other job requirements.

Alter or change mix designs without moving the machine; the operator can make adjustments at any time as required. When the job ends, cleanup is an easy process by only washing out the mixer area.

Mobile Concrete Mixers Have Separate Material Compartments

Mobile mixers carry materials in divided bins mounted on the unit. All the bins are top loaded and the cement bin has a water tight cover. Water is also carried on the mixer unit in tanks; the size of the tank may vary based on model.

Sand and stone are carried in a side by side divided, open-topped bin with the sand holding 45 percent of the bin’s volume and stone side holding 55 percent. Aggregates can be separate or mixed as needed according to the design mix. The versatility of mobile mixers allows for virtually unlimited concrete mixes.

A watertight bin carries cement while automatic vibrators and mechanical devices assure accurate cement proportioning and constant cement flow to the feeder. Water in the tanks pumps into the mixer; water flow controls and flowmeters monitor the flow, stopping and starting automatically whenever the conveyor belt stops or starts.

For other concrete output requirements or specialty jobs, liquid admixtures such as accelerators, retarders, air entraining agents, modified latex carry separately. This system which introduces the ingredient as needed via flow controls and flowmeters.

What Kind Of Proportioning System Do Mobile Concrete Mixers Use?

Measuring – or proportioning – by volume is at the heart of the volumetric mobile mixer. The final product is capable of accuracies better than +/- one percent. Materials are in separate bins and proportion into the mix based on the design. This enables the operator to mix on-site what’s needed, eliminating overages and shortages. Proportioning gives the operator control over the mix design and how much is mixed.

Mixing Is The Differentiation

A differentiator for mobile concrete mixers is that materials mix on site. The concrete is fresh and hasn’t begun setting up nor faced rejection because of a late job site arrival. Materials thoroughly mix throughout the volumetric process to produce high-quality concrete.

The concrete is fresh and maximum strength every time — check out this white paper comparing the output of a volumetric concrete mixer with a traditional ready mix.

What are the Benefits of Using Mobile Concrete Mixers?

Benefits For Your Business

  • Increase profits by paying less for concrete;
  • have better control over your schedule and employee time; and
  • Expand the type of concrete applications offered as part of your business with one mixer unit or handle multiple jobs without having to come back to the plant between jobs.

Benefits For Your Customers

  • Eliminate complaints about shortages and overages by mixing fresh on-site in the amount required.
  • Handle short loads, emergencies or weekend jobs with a mixer that’s flexible and can be used for any size job on short notice.

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