“We’re able to do multiple pours at one location with one truck. We can do 3,000 psi kicker, a 4,000 psi headwall, and then we can change that truck over and pour flowable fill out to cover a line up for them. That way they don’t have to have three trucks – we did it with one.”

Jon HargettPavement Restorations, Inc.

“It seemed like the C60s were the simplest ones for us to bring a driver in that maybe had no experience in volumetrics and say just push a button and start pouring concrete. Not having to go through all of the learning of the levers and not how to add/subtract water, add/subtract cement and all of the other things that could go along with it.”

Wes HolmanSummit Site-Mix

Use of VMCM equipment increases productivity during very short time freeway and airfield closures. It improves the quality of fast track concrete with rapid hardening cements. Compressive strength exceeding 2,500 psi can be consistently achieved in 1 to 1.5 hours.

Boris SteinTwining Inc.
Geotechnical Engineer

Working with Cemen Tech was a pleasure from start to finish. When we started with the MCDs I already had good experience with the DPRS that Cemen Tech helped build. The parts and training were outstanding. When in Afghanistan, if I had a question or problem Cemen Tech was always a sat phone call away.

We were able to work through any issue and complete the mission. The concrete produced was of stateside quality in a backward country.

Richard HovikMSgt, U.S. Air Force (RET)

“The Cemen Tech batch plant works great.  We are able to produce 120 cubic yards per hour.  Our mix design is extremely accurate, and there is little to no wasted material.”

Guy Fenske

“I have run other competitors and hands down, Cemen Tech is superior.”

Cervando Gonzalez

“The mix that it produces has break strength around 1,000 PSI stronger and is more consistent than the drum mix we purchased in the past.  In addition, we save around fifteen minutes per pouring session, which reduces labor cost significantly and helps to contribute to our bottom line.”

Watts Vault

“Our Cemen Tech mixer is busy 10 hours per day, 6 days a week backfilling mines.  It has mixed over 129,000 tons of material, with limited down time.  Buying the Cemen Tech mixer was a great investment.”

Gary Colaizzi, PresidentGoodson & Associates, Inc.

“We purchased our Cemen Tech Mobile Mixer to grow our business, and it is doing just that.  We manufacture septic tanks, and the MCD6-100 gives us a great mix and will discharge into our big molds.  It’s a great mixer, and the staff has been very helpful.”

Larry Bordelon

“The machine is easy to operate, and I love the way it handles and cranks out the concrete.”

Bob LailDelong Concrete