Growing A Business With Volumetric Mixing

As his business grew, scheduling concrete deliveries for several jobs each day became very difficult for Roger Haverkamp. He knew there had to a better way to take control of his concrete needs. Volumetric mixing was the answer. Today, H&H Concrete On Demand in Fort Worth, Texas, runs 15 volumetric concrete trucks. Read more about how volumetric mixing makes the difference for Roger and his customers.

How did you get started in the concrete business?
We started the company in 1984, focusing primarily on pouring concrete for swimming pools. As the business grew we were ordering concrete for five to eight jobs a day. Eventually, we decided to purchase our own volumetric mixing equipment to meet that demand.

Did you do research before you purchased your first volumetric mixer?
We were actually ordering concrete from a company that used volumetric mixing. It was the ideal solution for the slower pours required for swimming pool projects. Ready mix trucks tend to want to dump and go, but volumetric mixing allowed us to stop and start the projects as needed and change the design mix on the job site. That sense of control really sold us on the advantages of volumetric mixing.

How did the company transition from mixing concrete for your own projects to providing on-demand concrete for other contractors?
Every now and then we would get calls from other contractors in the area for concrete. One thing lead to another, and today, in addition to meeting our own concrete needs, we pour for contractors involved in a variety of residential, commercial and utility projects.

What has the response been from your customers?
It’s funny, but most people expect to see a barrel truck when they order concrete. When we show up with one of our Cemen Tech volumetric mixers, people often say, “What are you doing here with a dump truck?” Once they experience the quality and savings of on-demand concrete, they are sold on the process as much as we are.

Tell us more about your decision to go with Cemen Tech equipment?
The original mixers we used back in the early 1980s were only good for the swimming pool projects we were doing. We needed new, state-of-the-art equipment to meet our growing concrete demand. Cemen Tech fit the bill, and we quickly discovered that in addition to designing and building the best volumetric mixers on the market, Cemen Tech stands behind their equipment with outstanding customer service. Today, we are proud to own 15 Cemen Tech volumetric mixers capable of handling up to 400-yard pours. As matter of fact, we plan to purchase our 16th truck before the end of the year. That’s how satisfied we are with Cemen Tech!

What does the future hold for H&H Concrete On Demand?
With 30 years of concrete and construction experience behind us, we are confident that we control our destiny thanks to our ability to satisfy our customers’ needs for quality concrete delivered when and where they want it and in the quantities they need, without waste. In the end, we help those customers control their destiny as well.

MARKET SERVICE: Fort Worth, Texas, and surrounding area
CUSTOMER PROFILE: Mix of residential, commercial and utility customers
EQUIPMENT: 21 Cemen Tech volumetric mixers