Optimizing Concrete Operations with Volumetric Technology

Boswell At A Glance

Service Area: Kansas City Metro & Suburbs
Year Started: 2021
Market Service: Utility, Residential, Commercial
Equipment: Cemen Tech C60

The construction industry has witnessed a paradigm shift with the introduction and adoption of volumetric concrete technology. This case study delves into the experience of Boswell Concrete, who have spearheaded the integration of this innovative technology into their concrete operations, significantly impacting business development, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Business Context

Over the past couple of years, the construction industry has faced numerous challenges, including supply chain disruptions, increased demand for speed and efficiency, and the rising cost of materials. In response to these challenges, Boswell Concrete made a strategic decision to transition from using traditional ready-mix concrete to volumetric concrete. With the use of volumetric mixers, Boswell can control its supply of concrete for their parent company Phillips Paving as well as serve external customers too.


Supply Chain Issues: The company faced difficulties in obtaining concrete due to high demand. They also experienced labor losses and project delays because they were dependent on traditional ready mix schedule.

Economic Concerns: As the cost of ready mix concrete is significant, the company wanted to be more competitive in its estimates by reducing the internal cost for concrete.


Volumetric Trucks: The company began using volumetric mixers in October 2021. After initial experiences with another brand, the company switched to Cemen Tech units, finding their technology superior and customer service unmatched.

Use of ACCU-POUR: The company employed Cemen Tech’s proprietary ACCU-POUR™ software to efficiently manage their concrete pours, track usage, and streamline invoicing.

Benefits Realized

Control Over Supply: The company gained control over its concrete supply, enabling them to prioritize their own pours and reduce dependency on external suppliers.

Cost Savings: By producing their own concrete, the company saw an estimated 20 to 30% savings. This cost reduction allowed them to be more competitive in job estimations. The use of Cemen Tech mixers has enabled the company to produce concrete on-demand, providing fresh concrete with no hot loads or drive time issues. This has resulted in substantial material savings and increased efficiency.

Operational Efficiency: The live tracking, scheduling, and comprehensive data storage capabilities of ACCU-POUR have streamlined operations, making invoicing and customer management more efficient. Cemen Tech’s technical and mechanical support has ensured that any issues are promptly addressed, creating a strong trust relationship.

Diversified Portfolio: The company expanded its service offerings from small-scale projects to large commercial works, gaining certifications to work in specific city limits. Boswell Concrete has successfully expanded its customer base, offering concrete sales to external customers. The unique selling proposition of charging only for the poured concrete and the ability to switch mix designs on-the-fly has been a significant draw for customers.

Enhanced Business Development: They started advertising the benefits of volumetric concrete, highlighting factors like only charging for what’s poured, the flexibility of mix designs, and time-saving features.

“We’re pouring approximately 17 to 22,000 yards a year right now. We hit 17,000 last year. We’re looking to hit about 22,000 this year. ACCU-POUR keeps track of every single pour for us as we’re going. The office staff has to just login there, see what we did that day, invoice it straight out of ACCU-POUR.,” stated Jimmy Leath, General Manager of Boswell Concrete. Drivers can see their schedule, see what’s coming for the next day. We can schedule trucks to be down for maintenance. We can schedule trucks to be on three to four different jobs a day without having to keep communicating to the driver. It’s been very beneficial to just have it all in one place.

Leath continued,So, the biggest benefit to us is we now control our own concrete. It’s on our schedule, on our time. We are able to have all the city mix designs that’s needed all in one place there. There’s no waiting two to three hours for a pour. We can schedule it ahead. It’s our own pour.”


Boswell Concrete exemplifies how a strategic shift to using volumetric concrete mixers can result in enhanced business development, operational efficiency, and cost savings. By taking control of their supply chain and leveraging technology, the company has positioned itself competitively in the construction industry.

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