Scaling New Heights: The Journey of Blackjack Concrete

Blackjack At A Glance

Market Area: Metro Atlanta
Started: 2021
Services: Residential & Commercial
Equipment: Cemen Tech C Series

Blackjack Concrete, a rising star in the concrete sector, is a spinoff of an asphalt paving company that operates in the southeast area of metro Atlanta. In this case study, we take a closer look at the company’s evolution and its successful strategy using volumetric concrete mixers.

Target Customers

Blackjack Concrete targets a specific type of customer: one who has multiple ongoing construction projects and requires a regular supply of concrete. These tend to be high caliber clients and municipalities that value Blackjack’s on-time, on-demand service, even at a slightly higher cost.

“I think our target is a customer that pours on a weekly basis, not necessarily large pours, but willing to pay more. Smaller pours and are having a hard time getting it from the barrel trucks on a continuous basis, and knows that we’re on time, on demand, can provide what they want,” said Blackjack Concrete Co-Owner, Brad Kaufman.

Blackjack Concrete yard with C60 concrete mixer

Expanding Into Concrete

Inspiration to add a concrete division came from the success of a friendly rival paving company operating on the north side of Atlanta. The decision was grounded in the prospect of a steady residual income, reduced competition due to geographical placement, and potential for customer diversification. The division was created with the aim of supplying concrete for Blackjack’s own use and then gradually expanding to cover retail.

“We’ve got some friends in the paving industry that we’ve done a lot of partnering with in the Atlanta market. They’re on the north side, we’re kind of on the south side. They’re a much larger paving company than we’ve been. They got into the volumetric trucks with Cemen Tech a year before we did, and they had a lot of success rather quickly,” Kaufman said. “So it was very inspirational to hear their story about how it was a residual income for them, a backup plan in a sense, and how quickly it took off.”

Jay Herzog, Co-Owner Blackjack Concrete adds, “With them being on the north side, us being on the south side of Atlanta, they realized that these trucks operate efficiently in a 25-mile radius and that there would really be no interference or competition between the two. And in fact, they were getting a lot of calls for the need outside of what they would’ve called their market.”

Market Potential

Positioned near the bustling Atlanta airport, Blackjack Concrete believed there was considerable scope for growth. Being able to fill gaps left by barrel trucks and having the advantage of being close to the interstate, made the entry into the concrete sector a strategically beneficial move.

“I think there will be a lot of opportunity being this close to the Atlanta airport. There’s so much growth in the Atlanta market that, especially on this part of town, being on this south-west side of Atlanta and being this close to the Atlanta airport, I really felt like there was going to be a lot of opportunity,” said Herzog. “And those opportunities would be things like filling a void that the barrel trucks couldn’t fill. Plus we have the room and the yard proximity to the interstate. There was just a lot of reasons that we felt like it was the right move.”

The Volumetric Trucks: A Game Changer

Volumetric trucks have played a crucial role in Blackjack’s operation. After conducting preliminary research and attending industry shows, they settled on Cemen Tech as their volumetric mixer provider. The decision was influenced by Cemen Tech’s superior quality, the positive experience of their business partners, and the excellent customer service offered.

“We did a little bit of research that pointed quickly to the fact that Cemen Tech was kind of the cream of the crop. We’re always going to try to be state-of-the-art, best in the industry. And our relationship with our business partners, they were very, very upfront and let us ride with them, experience the whole thing, get in touch with Cemen Tech and talk about the customer service and the support,” Kaufman commented. “And it was a quick, quick investigation and we were like, if we’re going to do this Cemen Tech’s the truck we’re going with.”

The return on investment is what Herzog was initially looking for in purchasing volumetric mixers stating, “We went to the show in Las Vegas, to the concrete show, and we looked at that truck and to me, I could really tell the difference in the quality of the two trucks. I mean, really, how long is it going to take to get a return on that investment? Because you need more than one. So now you got to have three or four to realize what we wanted to see financially from that investment.”

Photo of Jay Herzog, Blackjack Paving
ACCU-POUR demo on TV and woman speaking

Cemen Tech: A Reliable Partner

The partnership with Cemen Tech has been very fruitful for Blackjack Concrete. From on-site services and prompt parts delivery to extensive training, the support from Cemen Tech has matched the quality of their top-tier trucks. This strong relationship has been instrumental in setting up the yard and structuring their business model.

“The support that we’ve received from Cemen Tech has been superior. I’ve never ever run into a hurdle. I’ve always had as a response, “let me help, let me see what I can do”. Parts within 24 hours,” stated Kaufman.  “Training, they offer more training than we can take advantage of just because of the timing on the schedule and so forth. The support is very indicative to the truck; the truck is top of the line and the support has been the same.”

The Power of ACCU-POUR™

ACCU-POUR™, a game-changing business solution from Cemen Tech, was recommended to Blackjack Concrete by their industry friends. The proprietary system has proven itself invaluable in operations, providing precise control over materials and mixes, and streamlining the entire process.

ACCU-POUR™ has streamlined Blackjack’s operations. The software allows precise scheduling of trucks, detailed tracking of the poured concrete, and customized billing based on the exact volume used. Furthermore, it enables the creation of mix designs for specific client needs.

“Our buddies in the industry said, do not buy a truck without ACCU-POUR. They’d purchased their first one without ACCU-POUR, and then there’s the challenges that they were facing. They said, well worth the spending of the money to get the ACCU-POUR on the second truck. And they immediately went and added it to their first truck. So they have multiple trucks now,” said Kaufman. “They told me from day one, do not go without the ACCU-POUR system.”

Patiently Building a Customer Base

Despite initial hurdles in educating customers about the benefits of their volumetric trucks and overcoming resistance, Blackjack Concrete remained patient. They focused on building stability within their organization and developing relationships with their clients. This approach has paid off with a growing base of repeat customers.

Kaufman’s advice to those purchasing volumetric concrete mixers, “Don’t try to invent the wheel from scratch on your own. Use Cemen Tech resources and experience to put yourself ahead. They helped us structure our yard. They helped us structure our business plan. They helped us structure who our target customers should and would be outside of the people that we thought we would want to sell to and are selling to. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, take their advice.”

“I think that you just have to have patience. We’ve been in this for a year and a half and we’ve just had challenges of trying to educate the consumer on what these trucks are and the benefits of the trucks and why to use the trucks,” added Herzog.


On-Site Services

On-site services have been crucial for Blackjack Concrete. Support from their local Cemen Tech dealer, Reynolds Warren, and the swift assistance provided in maintaining the trucks have been instrumental in their smooth operations.

“Reynolds Warren has been very good in support. Anything that we need, they really, really help us. We’re very fortunate to have a dealer here locally that can help us in that situation.

Blackjack Paving equipment photo
Blackjack Paving equipment operator

Key Takeaways

Blackjack Concrete’s journey is a testament to the potential of volumetric mixers in the concrete sector. Their success is a result of identifying the right customer base, partnering with the best in the industry, and leveraging state-of-the-art technology. A patience-driven approach, combined with robust customer relationships and strategic geographical positioning, has provided a solid foundation for their continued growth in the market.

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