13 Quick Tips For Keeping Your Volumetric Mixer In Shape For Summer Concrete Operation

The following information is only for Cemen Tech volumetric mixers and is not applicable to other brands. Please inquire with your mixer manufacturer for specific maintenance information.

Summertime is the busy season for operators which also means your volumetric mixers run almost non-stop. As the yards of concrete pour, the wear and tear slowly accumulates, perhaps setting the stage for a breakdown. But these 13 quick maintenance tasks performed each day and every other week are a good way to keep your mixer in summer concrete shape.

A concrete operator rests his hand on a lever at the back of a Cemen Tech M Series volumetric mixer.

Daily Mixer Checks During The Summer

  1. Grease lower auger hub void — flush with grease — with the mixer running.
  2. Drain water trap/filter in the air system.
  3. Check oil level in the chain oiler and vibrator oiler. Use 10-weight oil.
  4. Thoroughly clean the mixer; use a high-pressure washer if available.
  5. Grease carrier bearing at discharge end of mixer 2 to 3 pumps with mixer running. However, using acidic concrete cleaners is not recommended.
  6. Inspect mixer for cracked, missing, or worn wear blades.
  7. Inspect unit for any hydraulic leaks and repair immediately if found. 

Bi-Weekly Summer Checks

  1. Inspect discharge spout of the cement delivery auger for any cement buildup and clean if necessary.
  2. Check oil level in all gearboxes and hydraulic tank; fill if needed.
  3. Lightly oil roller chains.
  4. Grease PTO 1 to 2 pumps maximum (if equipped).
  5. Check material guides for proper adjustment. The guides should be adjusted to within 1/16” of the belt.
  6. Check the belt wiper adjustment. The wiper should be tight against the conveyor belt.

CONNECT With A Cemen Tech Service Tech For Questions

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